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2023 Segway Fugleman 1000 UT10 E

Retail $21,294

IN STOCK!  Fugleman UT10 E model includes electronic power steering, road safety package, Segway smartphone compatible app, standard rims, differential lock, roof,  tilt bed & LED headlights.


Note: Fugleman UT10 X model includes all of the above plus beadlock rims, touch screen display, half doors and winch.


* Plows or Front/ Rear windshields available

Discover your new way home on the

The FUGLEMAN UTV is one tough machine! Muscular and capable, with a high power to weight ratio, the FUGLEMAN UTV is designed to lighten your work load and make those trips around the paddock a blast! The FUGLEMAN is your new workhorse with its 1000CC, twin-cylinder, 4-stroke DOHC engine which delivers a maximum of 105HP and 93.5N•m of torque.


Safety comes standard on the FUGLEMAN UTV, ensuring safe family fun on your workhorse of a machine. Whether you are completing cottage chores or taking the family for a spin down the cottage laneway, the FUGLEMAN UTV is safe, fun, and enjoyable for everyone!

Featuring a standard hitch and bumper plate, over 1,499lbs of payload capacity, 770lb bed box capacity, and 1,543lbs of towing capacity, heavy duty tasks are second nature to the FUGLEMAN UTV. Blast around the local trails, take the grandkids for a ride, or cross those tasks of your to-do list with the powerful FUGLEMAN UTV.


We're revolutionizing your hunting and fishing adventures with the all new FUGLEMAN UTV models. Incredible safety features and community connection come standard on the FUGLEMAN when integrated with the Segway Powersports app.

With hybrid models arriving in early 2022, you can hunt, fish, and stalk tracks in near-silence with the all-new hybrid powertrain from Segway Powersports.

The Segway Powersports app allows you to track your past hunting spots, lock GPS coordinates of your hunting stand and favourite hideouts, and link up with your hunting club or fellow hunters through the community features.


With it's 770lb bed box capacity, 3,500lb winch, and 1,543lb towing capability, the FUGLEMAN UTV is ready to be your new work companion. Deliver feed to your pastures and paddocks, tow loaded trailers, and overcome any terrain in the FUGLEMAN.

The FUGLEMAN is ready to help share the workload and accelerate the completion of your tasks around the farm or your property. Cruise to the back fourty or from pasture to pasture in Segway Powersports Canada's comfortable, capable, and safe UTV of the future.

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