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PART# 370290

Safer and more practical! Thanks to the Muffs with a high-quality integrated plastic window, you can now see all your controls.

Keep the warmth inside the Muffs!
Equipped with a neoprene lining that adjusts perfectly around your coat or mitt and keeps in the warmth of your heated grips. You can now travel without gloves and increase the comfort and precision of your driving!

Protect your hands from bad weather and see your controls!

  • Made of 600-denier nylon/polyester, polyurethane coated, resistant and waterproof.
  • Window made of high quality plastic resistant to cold.
  • The sleeve’s opening is reinforced with a very resistant plastic to prevent sagging,
  • which allows for quick access to the handlebar at all times.


  • Designed shorter than ATV muffs for a better fit on snowmobiles
  • Reflecting band affixed on the outside increasing visibility.
  • The adjustable inside attachment allows for installation of this these muffs on different types of snowmobiles.
  • Attachment strap added for installation on snowmobiles with rigid handguards.


Excluding GST/HST
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