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PART# 782339

If your little cuties adore ocean animals, they’ll love the Reef Life Jacket. This life preserver features a stunning, colourful display of common reef life.


This design is sure to get your child excited about getting in the water (and staying safe while doing it). There is also a durable strap and buckle for optimum safety.


Type ||: U.S. Coast Guard approved. Geared for calm inland waters. Ideal for when rescue is only a few minutes away. Type |||: U.S. Coast Guard approved. Less bulky design for use when quick rescue is likely. Offers larger range of motion.


Closed Sided: offers a tighter and more secure fit to keep your life jacket in place.

Buckles: Side release buckles open and close quickly to ensure safety and security on the water.

Zippers: Easily and quickly fasten and remove your vest to stay safe in the water.


Excluding GST/HST
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